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What a concept: vegan food, brought to your front door!


Life can be full of little inconveniences if you’re a vegan in Phoenix (or anywhere except LA I think). The day my eye caught the word “delivery” on the zpizza online menu, I did a happy dance knowing that at some level, I could rejoin the world of convenience dining. 

Having pizza delivered to your door is one of the greatest conveniences ever conceived. It ranks up there on the “OMG I am so lazy” scale with TV remote controls, self-scooping litter boxes and emailing your husband when he’s sitting on the couch right next to you. 

I heard of zpizza awhile ago, but at the time their soy cheese wasn’t vegan (aka “why bother?”). Our good friend Neil Hamburger, who is a gluten-free vegan, was in Phoenix on tour last fall with Puscifer and discovered zpizza when he wandered around downtown looking for food. When we met up with him for dinner he was raving about it, because finding gluten-free vegan food when you’re touring across the country as an opening act (aka not in control of your schedule or catering) can be highly inconvenient. 

The Berkeley Vegan is the obvious go-to, but they can make many other pies, pasta, sandwiches, salads and calzones vegan as well. Although the website doesn’t provide a listing of food ingredients/allergens (note: see update below), the manager at our local shop knows the ingredients well and is happy to guide us toward the vegan options. They of course use Daiya cheese, and I believe they use Gardein sausage-like meat. The marinara sauce is vegan, but I’m not sure about the pestos or roasted garlic sauce. The dough is vegan and can be ordered gluten free too. The balsamic vinaigrette is vegan (other dressings may be too). 

So if you live within a zpizza delivery zone, want a great vegan pizza and just don’t feel like leaving the house, go for it! Indulge yourself in the luxury of home delivery! You can even order online, eliminating the need to talk to anyone except the delivery person! Just don’t forget to put it in your own oven for a bit to give the Daiya cheese a chance to cook up well. 

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Update: zpizza does have a list online of vegan ingredients. Silly me didn’t know it was under the FAQs instead of under “ingredients”: http://zpizza.com/about/faq#vegan-options

The Berkeley Vegan



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