Food Cart Mania Finally Comes to the StrEATS of Phoenix

I never seem to have the time to make it to the Phoenix food carts, so Bostworld kindly offered to write a guest post for me on his recent experience:

Last week, I found myself in north Scottsdale, looking for quick lunchtime options off the 101 freeway at the Raintree exit. As I neared my default destination for that area (good old reliable Kokopelli) I noticed a commotion in the parking lot of the nearby Whole Foods Market. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a half dozen or more food carts cordoned off behind yellow tape.

I’ve enjoyed the food cart experience in other cities such as Portland and Austin, but I was surprised to find this kind of activity in my own backyard — especially in July. I learned that the Raintree Whole Foods has been hosting regular events by the Phoenix Street Food Coalition for some time.

There among the hot dogs, ice cream, pastries and chicken burritos, I discovered the beet strEAT truck and their lentil tacos. The beat strEAT menu was full of vegan enticements — hummus, veggie burgers, raw salads, etc. — but there’s nothing we at “Four Legs Good” like better than lentils and tacos. This was a match made in heaven. I had to ask them to leave off a couple non-vegan toppings, but after that it was off the races.

Since I was in somewhat of a rush, I made short work of the meal. I had little time to savor the generous twin delicacies I received, but they were both excellent. My only regret was the absence of your regular reporter. She would have loved these tacos.

We are not the first blog to take notice of beet strEAT. The Phoenix New Times recently interviewed owner Clea Senneville for “Chow Bella.” But we are happy to join the clamor for more food carting in the valley. We look forward to more beet strEAT events in the future.


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