Pita Jungle: Always a Safe Bet for Vegans

One of the rules of dining out for vegan and vegetarians in Phoenix is “when in doubt, go to Pita Jungle ” Pita Jungle is what I would call a home-grown chain in Phoenix. It started as a small restaurant in a strip mall in Tempe, and has blossomed into a multi-city, multi-state dining enterprise which, lucky for us, has a healthy helping of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. They even have a “vegan chart” on the website! If you’re vegan, you can order anything with a “yes” next to it, or make small alterations to many dishes to make them vegan.

Our all-time favorite is the Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus.

Pita Jungle cilantro jalapeno hummus

Get an extra pita because you’re going to want to scrape the dish.

The Hummus & Taboule is also great, if you’re okay with mixing textures.

Pita Jungle hummus and taboule

We also recently enjoyed a side of Lentils & Rice.

Pita Jungle lentils and rice

It’s enough for a whole meal actually, and next time I may ask for double the amount of caramelized onions. Yum.

While there are plenty of other vegan salad and main meal options to pick from, such as the falafels, pita burrito, or veggie garden wrap, I always default to the Macro Platter.

Pita Jungle macro platter

It’s a lightly seasoned combination of brown rice, fresh steamed veggies, grilled tofu and Pita Jungle’s delicious variety of beans. It’s fairly basic, but enough for two (with a side of hummus, of course) and very satisfying!

Because the menu is so vegan-friendly compared to most, it’s easy to make assumptions on things that are usually vegan. Thanks to the vegan chart, I know to avoid the Greek pitas, veggie & black bean patties and buns.

A Pita Jungle can be found just about anywhere you go in the greater Phoenix metro – even in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall! The only downside to the restaurant chain is no matter which one you go to, it’s always loud. I used to bring family and clients to Pita Jungles because of the “something for everyone” quality of the menu, but it’s just too hard to have a conversation. If the weather is bearable and there is a patio spot available, I usually default to that option. To-go is always a nice alternative too – especially for the hummus.


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