That’s A Wrap is on the move

Downtown Phoenix’s loss is my gain. My favorite vegan-friendly lunchtime spot, That’s a Wrap, is moving this weekend from a “just a bit too far to go to often” location of 7th St. and Thomas/McDowell, to an “it’s so to my office close I can go there every day” spot of 8th St. and Camelback Rd.! And hopefully the parking will be better! I’ve also heard that they will be open for dinner hours, and may possibly serve adult beverages!

Maybe now I’ll dare to order something on the menu other than what I get every single time I go there: the Ken and Barbie-Que wrap with tofu. The Ken and Barbie-Que combines BBQ sauce-covered tofu with black beans, rice and veggies. It’s a bit messy, but always finger-licking good!

That' sa Wrap's KenandBarbie-Que vegan wrap with tofu

At That’s a Wrap, almost everything on the menu can be vegan-ized by substituting tofu for meat. I think I’ll try the Teriyaki 90210 with tofu to break the new location in!

What I love the most about That’s a Wrap is their soups, which are made from scratch, always interesting and almost always vegan. I managed to sneak one last visit in to the old location this week, and was rewarded with an amazing creamy vegan white beet soup. I am not typically an enthusiastic beet eater, having been raised on awful canned red beets. But since becoming vegan, I’ve learned that a good beet in the hands of a real chef can be a delightful thing. The soup was slightly sweet, very herbal and had a mellow cashew-based broth that added thickness without being heavy. The beets were mostly blended in, but there were also a few sizable chunks left in to remind me that I really was eating beets, and loving it.

And, all hope is not lost for downtown vegans because word from the Chicos and Beans blog is that Green Vegetarian is going to open a second restaurant in That’s a Wrap’s old location. I guess I won’t escape the occasional lunchtime drive to downtown for great vegan food after all! I really hope the part about adding more parking comes true though…


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