Treehouse Bakery: Party-pleasing Vegan Cupcakes

Phoenix got a little bit sweeter for vegans this year, with the launch of Treehouse Bakery. Treehouse offers vegan cookies, muffins and of course cupcakes, in a wide variety of flavors.

I recently ordered a dozen and a half vegan cupcakes for my husband’s birthday celebration. As with most well-made vegan desserts, I don’t think anyone at the party would have known that they were vegan cupcakes if we hadn’t told them in advance. They went so fast I was almost afraid I hadn’t bought enough! They were every bit as addictive as Sprinkles’ vegan cupcakes, but we had lots more flavor options to pick from!

Treehouse vegan cupcakes

We tried the vanilla with chocolate frosting, mocha and strawberry with vanilla frosting. The vanilla cupcakes seemed to be the crowd favorite, but I was partial to the strawberry cupcakes.

Unfortunately, trying these delicious cupcakes requires a bit of pre-planning, as they aren’t available in stores or restaurants yet. They are in the process of  being approved for sale at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, but last I checked they weren’t stocked yet.

In the meantime, you can email or call 480.560.5233 to place an order for pick-up, or order via Esty. The pick-up location is at a sandwich shop called All Wrapped Up, at 503 W. Thomas Rd., near downtown Phoenix.

I hope they get a storefront location soon, so that more people can start to understand how wonderful vegan desserts can be!

Treehouse is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Treehouse Bakery



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3 responses to “Treehouse Bakery: Party-pleasing Vegan Cupcakes

  1. I’m definitely excited for these and can’t wait to try them. 🙂

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