Yes, vegan cupcakes are awesome

Vegans, rejoice! Sprinkles in Scottsdale cares about our happiness. They have a vegan red velvet cupcake that makes me squeal.  The cake part of the cupcake is almost as good as my husband’s “made from scratch” cupcakes, but he hasn’t been able to master frosting like theirs yet. One note: don’t bother trying to eat the hard sugar “V” on top. It’s a tooth-breaker and not worth the effort. Sorry gluten-free vegan friends, they do have gluten-free cupcakes, and vegan cupcakes, but not gluten-free vegan cupcakes.

You can follow Sprinkles on Twitter for daily free cupcake offers (but they go fast).

Sprinkles cupcakes are not quite as good as BabyCakes, but since I live in Phoenix, not NYC or LA, I’m alright with that.



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3 responses to “Yes, vegan cupcakes are awesome

  1. Michelle

    Ok — I’ve been looking for an excuse to totally splurge on Sprinkles cupcakes, this just might get me to brave the line!

  2. Meg

    Have you heard about – – ?

    They are new & based in the Valley. Heard they are going to be at Phoenix Public Market in the near future too. Another bonus? They’re a local business!

    • 4legsgood

      I hadn’t! Please let me know when they get into the Phoenix Public Market! I’d can’t wait to try them.

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